Thursday, December 30, 2010

Skype is better

Skype: Today we are going to talk about the skype is better that all other chanting softwares because if you will use yahoo messenger some time it would not let you to call sometimes it would not showing a good image in cam to cam chat but in skype you will see every good quality like other messenger it do not make webcam slow due to low internet connection or anything eles, it would try to give you a better servics and you will be glad to have a new thing which many others not have you can call on any phone number where you want and another thing it have  no hidden chanrges when you are calling to some one on his phone and live pc to pc chating is free.
For downloading the skype go to and download it its free and easy to download when the download will be complete so you will see the will run or install click on install and install it. When you will complete the installation progress than you will see a window named create a skype account fill it up and now its ready to use just add you friends or make new friends its in hand or you people.


Backlinks: So friends in this post i will tell something about backlinks that what are these things backlinks are used to increase website traffic or blog traffic and also these backlinks used to incease page rank in google or any other search engine so for getting backlinks you have to submit your blog or website in many web directories
like i have sumited you can see i got alot of graphic links on my blog  in right side.
As you can see these are links available in my blog means these are the web directories you can submit your blog to them and its easy in my youtube channel you can also see the video that how to submit my channel is dawood219 and this is a good channel i update it daily so be the subscriber to get get updates daily and also there is another way to create backlinks by link exchange in my next post you will know about the link exchange.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogger is best to share your thoughts

Today i am going to tell you about the why people thinks about blogger is the best way to share your thoughts so here are some examples blogger is free way no investment just create a blogger in free and second its a best way to promote your ideas 3rd its also a best way to promote you self 4th its also can be a good earning source for you means blogger have all those things which you want and its easy to operate and and a great thing so if any one interested in this by reading my post so hurry up go to and make your dreams come alive if you have got any thing for awaring me so please comment me i will edit your all changes.

cheap web hosting

So friends today i got some links for you all that are related to cheap web here are links this link is from site which will give you all information about free web hosting so this is the url open it and get the knowledge about web hosting.

team viewer

So friends in this post you are going to get some information about team viewer software its an free software and you can use it for getting into friends pc like this that if your friend have some problem about pc or he any other thing so you know the solve but you cannot do anything to make out your friend so don't be upset team viewer is here you can use it at that time just there is one requirement you friend also need that software so you can       download this software from link given in download text so just you friend have to sand his id and you have dial it on your team viewer so now work is done just fix the problem of your friend or any other else.

enjoy have the fun with team viewer.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

how to convert your blog to domain

So friends if you want you blog on the top level domain for getting more traafic for earning more money so here i have a way to convert you blog on the top level domain. {net}{org}{com} so you can select any one of them ok so why we convert our domain so you know that blogger is a free service and i provides traffic but not enough so because of that we convert our blog into domains so know come the way that how to convert it it is any simple and easy way to convert it.

So it is a way first of all go to sattings tab and after that select publishing and click on coustom domain after clicking on coustom domain there would be a page like this.

Now you can check the availablty of your domain and buy it so if you already got a domain so what should you do so there is the way.

If you already have your own domain so click on switch to advance settings so there would be a page you domain name write you domain name and click on save settings so you have done it you are now on domain.

Getting comments on facebook

Facebook is a thing where you can find a lot of things which can help you in study you can find you teachers friends older friends any many others. Now if you had many friends so the question is this that why anyone is not commenting on your status and your pictures are good that others so why people are not giving comments so here is answer of your question you have to give comment on others status that people will comments on your status but comment not just niceee coooollll but it should be in proper way that why do you like his video and why you not like it and you can make many friends by this way also by giving reply of some other ones comment like someone said i like this picture but some thing is missing so reply him like this @hisname and what is missing i think it complete so he will give you a reply and you will got another friend on facebook.

facebook friends

So friends there are some common ways to make good friends. i am going to tell you about the making friends secret so people just try making there friends by sanding a lot of requests to to people and he do not just talk to them just sanding request but its not a good way but first of all you have to talk to some one and ask where he is from ask many things and he/she will automatically add you. look there is simple formula taken from real life if you meet someone in school or college office so first time introduction second time talking about some common topics and than friendship so facebook is like this you want to get friendship with someone talk to him about there or four days than sand a request so you will get a good reply by other so that was a simple way to make google friends on facebook.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Google earth live

You people know that the google famous hero of internet users always releases new things and know i am going to tell you about the google new program actually its not new program by google but you can say that it is always  being updated by google with new tools and features some of them are can take you to the other planets and some of them also use to get the tour of under the world of see my suggestion is this that use google earth for getting a better experience of everything you know that it is connected with satellite means you are visiting the world directly from satellite and we all knows that what is the value of satellite in this time so be aware come to google earth for getting live to the world. 

Personal opinion about PTC sites

So friends in this post you will get some of my personal opinion about PTC sites. I think these are the slow way to earn you will leave it in few day. I have talked to many people about this thing and they do not got a good opinion about it because some one says that these sites just got there work but they do not pay some one says these sites are just for time waste. but my opinion is deferent that all these sites are paying but its work is very slow you can earn but not in a great way like adsense or any other thing else i am not saying leave this business but i am talking to you about start a business means two at one time and be careful of those sites which are not paying and do not believe in common sites but try to get on those PTC site which are very famouse and paying to your friends.    

Super ip hide

So friends today iam going to tell you about a intersting software called super ip hide its and free software and you can do a lot of things form it like doing cheat with you friends that i am in another country for making my holidays great and you can also get some advantage from it that many services of earning like is not available in many countries and people are up sate about it and but now its the time to be happy because here is a friend can help you for everything just download it and and solve you problems of web its free.

Way to use it its very simple to use and it is giving a lot of kind of advantages simple to use because its free and no other extra things just select the country which you want ip and enjoy with this thing.
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