Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Experience of blogger

So friends today i am going to tell you some interesting things which you will realize in blogging 6 months or more you will try to know that what things are missing in you blog. You will know that what mistakes can done with my blog page rank you will know many ways to increase traffic you will try to earn money from your blog. you will know the value of blog directories and their work you will know how social media can help you. This is the second period where people left to do blogging because they will know that how difficult is this but if they will just continue there blogging for few months more and after that they will get money and we all knows that what money can do it will encourage men for do blogging so continue blogging and visit new new blogs for getting new ideas an inspiration. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Increase adsense earnings

So friends by reading my previous post on increase adsense earnings you will must know that how to set up a good color of adsense on website. If you don't have readed this so here is way so go to you adsense account and see which kind of adsense units are successful in adsense or try to make you adsense totally matching with your website try to do adsense setup like this that they don't look like adsense post relevant ads on your website like if you have website on computer tricks so post relevant ads of computer tricks and another brand new tip for you see the blog or website which are more earning than you try see the websites or blogs of american or Britisher you will get a lot of things which are missing in your blog. hard work is key to success and try try till you fly.  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Webcam and webcam max software

Webcam is the one of things which most used by internet users and who like chating this one of great technology of the computer hardware that people can see each other by using this and now a day it is provided in a high quaility image capure and many people use it for capturing videos.
This software is called webcam max this is used for sevral kinds of work like capturing video and pictures and there are many effect present in this software like emotions, massages, filters cartoons and many more and if you got money so you can buy the full version of this software and it will provide you 2000 more effects.  

Window firewall

So friends today you will read about windows firewall that is designed for blocking viruses which is coming from internet to pc and it is giving alerts that the antivirus software is not updated or it is expired or not working properly. and it is just like a device that is configured network transmission based upon rule of centeria people just don't know the value of this thing because they disable this thing from the pc and many windows running in markets which dose not have the permission of microsoft to run. And a bad thing is preset in that window that their is no any program of window firewall means when they costmizing the windows they deleted that program which s very helpful for windows so if any one is reading this artical so don't think that it is just a random program of windows but it is one of great program of windows.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Satellite internet

Friends today i am going to tell you about the satellite internet it is provided all over the by satellite and many kind big departments of the world are using this because in other internet connection you may be find many kind of problems and but this don't have any problem and another cause is this that people like this because it is providing high speed internet world wide. may be this service not available in some polar regions of the world but it will provided in some years. And mostly people are using this thing because if you go to any village so services like DSL or other networks won't work but this is a only network which works every where in the world.    

Internet tv

Few years ago people was asking a questions that everything is possible on internet, so why we feel that some thing is missing they asked the question that we want live tv on our computer so now it was a challenge for software engineers that make a that kind of thing which can do this so now its possible because of those engineers we are able to watch live tv on our computer and on a simple cable network may we not be able to watch all the channels of the world but through the way of web tv or you can say internet tv we are able to watch all the channels of world our world is now on full speed to develop herself so here are some websites to watch live tv.

internet security

So we all knows that in the In this world the most popular name is internet it has created many business it has changed life of many people and in any kind of field this is a most working this ether you are a doctor or engineer             you will find it usage in you office and many people say it world connector and through this we had crossed boundaries of countries and now it make our world as a global village and now it is used by those people who want to make it bad like hackers crackers anti internet the users of anti internet are available in Afghanistan and you know that Afghani people think that internet is increasing pornography and it is making our youth bad. but they are not watching this that how much advantage people got from this people like hackers they are making virus and sanding this to internet that any people got it and it make there pc null and void so they are doing this just for getting fun and they do not think about any one that how other can get harm and another kinds of hackers always try to hack passwords like yahoo or other email so not just mails but people are doing many bad jobs like hacking into bank account you will read many articals of it on internet that some one hacked my bank account and steel my all money so now a days internet users got help from antiviruses and bans got help from clever software engineers and make their security tight to hack now its difficult to hack security but many people is doing it.         

Google adsense

So dear friends today i am going to tell you about why google adsense are most popular into internet and why people want to use it you now that google adsense are available from 2000 and people had earned million billions of dollar from that business and some of those made it there business way to earn and they are teaching other people that how to get adsense account approved how to make a website how to earn money means google had made a program which changed life of many people and now a days it is doing a great business if any one take the name of internet so he will must appreciate this program and like every successful person have some enemies so this program also got some bad adsense users like fraud clicks adsense account sellers and many other people. If any one of them reading this artical that he can fool google means he is living in sky because my dear friends if the google had designed a huge program so google must monitor there all users so leave this business if you want adsense account to be alive if you won't leave this so you account will be blocked and you site will be blocked for getting adsense account approved for another time.

         There are another type of people are using it, i mean to say that who have a good job and they are earning a lot from that job but they are using this program for getting park time earnings and you will find many sites which are like adsense but they are not paying but google is a well known site and every one believe on it because adword users are investing money in this program.          

Increase google page rank

Today i am going to tell you some interesting things which your finding everywhere on web, i got a website iam updating it but i didn't meet with the real demand of visitors and don't got the page ranking on google means something is missing because of this google is not giving good rank to your pages on web search causes can be these you don't applied the real keywords on you post keyword are the main thing if you will add the keywords which are searched by people regularly so you will get the traffic and another thing google is trying to provide a good result to there users good result means you have to create a quality content for your visitors and provide such a new things to visitors and always monitor the changes on web which are for keywords and try to visit many site which can provide some information to you and get inspiration from people who are succeeful in this field and keep visiting my blog, for getting new information.      

Friday, November 26, 2010

Camtasia studio 7

I want to show you all guys that camtasia is a great screen capturing software and now its new version 7 is released and in this version many improved tools are present and also you will find many new things in it and you like a retouched player in camtasia which is playing a lot of things like mp4 files and a new thing you can add many sound affects and many new powerpoint affects and means its a full and final version and i think think any other software cannot break the record about many years and there are many other things you can shoot you video in low quality normal quality high quality and there are sharing option you can share your videos to your friends by one click and edit video time line and i has alos a learning center and free tutorials for any problem so the best version is present... download

Tips for blog writers

So friends if you are blog writer and want you blog more famous so here are some tips. Your should be like this that if a visitor see your blog first time he like it, so i mean to say that you blog template need a great look for attract users to your blog and you need a good content on your blog no any spelling mistakes or no any grammatical mistakes these mistakes can get you out from google page rankings and you need a lot of care of your visitors that if they will visit your blog they will find  many great things and new on it and don't copy paste articals from others blogs or websites that can get you in trouble so these were some tips for you guys hope you like these things.   

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Infolink ads

So dear friends in this post I am going to tell you about the infolink ads so these are new ads many people don't know about it and if you monetize these ads on your blog so you can earn much money cause is this that people don't know about it and if they will see these thing and they will be attract with this and people will click on it because every one is try to know about it like adsense when they came first time website owners post these ads and earned thousands of dollar and this system is going on. So post these ads in you blog or website these ads look like this.

these ads can give you a lot of earning and a simple thing you can post these ads with adsense EXAMPLE like if you already have adsense on you website so by posting these ads you adsense account will not be blocked and you earnings will be double.

Remove recycle bin from destop

If you like that you destop should be always clean so you are on right post by reading this artical you will find a way to remove recycle bin icon from destop. You need nothing no any software but for simple knowledge of computer that you will be able to do it. the trick is like this.
Go to start menu RUN type "gpedit.msc"
Go to "USER CONFIGURATIONS" "DESKTOP" "REMOVE RECYCLE BIN FROM DESKTOP" double click on it  change it do not configured it to enable apply and ok. Now you work is done about 80% so now you just have to do this.
Open start menu RUN type "gpupdate.exe" and hit enter the recycle bin is removed from desktop if it is not removed so restart you computer.........

How to increase adsense earnings 2

In this second post of increasing adsense earning i am going to tell you that how you can generate you adsense earnings by leaps and bounds, So you have to hard on your website and with my full experience i am saying that if you have one blog or website you cannot earn much and more money which you want or which is your demand so for earning lot of money make many website or blogs if you have 5 blogs daily update them and if you have extra time so update them in a same day two time and i want to tell you a secret that real source of earning is seo if you got links on google means now you are going to the side of success. try to make many sites i will not make many sites so your links will not be on google and people won't visit you site or blog. So these are two tips make many site and update them daily.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

how to Make account in neobux

In this post iam going to show you that how you can make a neobux account for earning money online by viewing there advertisments.

Click on register button to register yourself on neobux .

Its very simple like in previous post enter you nick name on box of username you password email alertpay email if you got any refferer so enter his name if you don't got any refferer so leave the feild blank enter you brith year and and verificatoin words to sign up and now just have to confirm email and every thing is done so just click on button of view advertisement and earn cash hope you enjoyed reading this post.

How to onbux account for earning money

In this post iam going to tell you about how you can make onbux account for making cash. now you will earn earn by doing there on work viewing there advertisments.

So now as in this post post this is shown click on register tab.

After clicking on register tab you will see this page now fill up all the information you age, username, email password, pin alertpay email, and after fill up this all information click on register button now you just have to do you to your email account and conform the email and login to your account and view ads and earn money.

How to make alert pay account

In last post i have told you about two sites that you can earn money so here are the ways to earn money.

First of all go to and click on sign up which is marked in the picture.

Choose the account type personal pro would be the best and than click to the next step.

Fill up the form like i have filled up choose salutation you name last name address city country region and submit it
and than after there would be a another page about account information it will ask for you email password transiction pin security questions fill the page up and confirm the email from you mail box and now you have done it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Earn money with ptc sites

PTC means (pay to click) you can easily earn money from internet online by investing no money so here are some websites which can pay you. Now you will start thinking that for what  website will pay me its simple you have to view there ads for 30 seconds and you will be payed for that and no more work you have to do what just sign up in these sites and there is another one these are trusted sites and will pay you in my next post you will get some detailed information about it. like how to sign up and how to get payed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How to increase adsense earning

You can increase you adsense earning by using revenue sharing website that you can't write many blogs or can't mange many websites. So here is a simple way to generate earning this is the site of revenue sharing you can sign up on it using this link after that write blog add videos picture you will get earning on daily basis so a simple formula is in every feild if you want earning  so hardword is man thing if you will do hard work you will generate you earning. Make many website say you friends to write on it say your siblings to update these site you will earn alot.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Utorrent easy downloader

Hey friends in this post you are going to get some thing interesting so i want to tell you some advantages of utorrent. If you are going any where so you must off your pc so if at that time you are downloading some thing any i,portant thing so what will you do suppose any emergency call come from any where you have to there urgently and you also need software and its download done about 60% percent so if you don't have any utorrent  you have to close download but if you have utorrent so you will fell free how utorrent is a auto downloading software you can off you pc it will be stop and when you restart your pc it will be automatically start download where you switch off pc. Its a simple software you can download it from and its free enjoy youself with this software and in next post i will tell you about how you can download torrents of movies, games, softwares and many more....    

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Web traffic increase

So in this post iam going to tell you about increasing more traffic on you blog, now you will think that writer is posting many posts on increase blog traffic but i want to tell you something that you can get you website on top ranking pages of google. You know that 80% google user do not see 2nd page they just visit first page and they got what they want so if your website is not on the first ranking try to get you website on seo by submitting articles on these kind of many website present over on google search and try to create many back links on any website google just love back links by following these steps your website will bit by bit increase its ranking.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Free call any where from pc to to mobile

Hey guys today i am going to you about how to make free calls from pc to net. I have found many of requests  that i want to make free calls any many people do scam that pay me some money than i will give tell you that how you make free calls so protect your self from these scams and now this is need also because people do it if you don't have credit on you mobile so what will you do so now this is the way can help you. Go to and select country in which you want to call and dial number wait for some time and now you have done it simple thing requirements just a headphone and mic.
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