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Doller Exchange in pakistani rupees

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Add Favicon To Your Blog in urdu

How To Add A Favicon To Your Blogger Blog in urdu

Meiny app logo ki aasani ky liy Image and video dono add kar di hai app video dikh kar apna Icon set kar ly 

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5 steps to choosing a place for your site| How to Start an Online Business with Niche Websites

Niche choice are one by the challenging tasks encountered by everybody preparation to set up a internet existence for making wealth. There's no calculated and articulated method of choosing an niche, through which you are able to be positive by getting incomes. But do not get worried, I'll write on a few significant checklist points which if met makes the rank by success really substantial. You should be aware of the fact that also the skilled bloggers fail at the task of selecting a niche correctly. And so, just in case you fail in the process don't get disheartened and try again.
At a lower place is the list of 5 significant steps which you might take a look at earlier than choosing the niche for blogging. I'll check up on just about every tip in depth in that article.Niche selection are one of the challenging tasks came across by everybody planning to launch a online existence for creating wealth. There's no calculated and formulated method of choosing an niche, through which you are able to be positive of getting profits. But do not get worried, I'll write about some significant checklist points which if met makes the rate of success very substantial. You should be aware of the fact that also the skilled bloggers fail at the task of selecting a niche correctly. So, in case you fail in the process do not get disheartened and try again.

1- Finding Your Niche Is Really Not That Hard
The first thing to examine while coming to your decision is, are you obsessed with the niche in which you plan to blog? Competitors in the Internet industry is growing every day and the winners are those who can provide high quality article for your visitors. And for providing such great content and deliver it for many years the needs of passion. Otherwise, it will endanger all content production and, finally, will give the task.

If you are able to study a powerful blog around, you'll notice that the people driving in their romance, and usually not only make a profit. They have total control over content, because the enthusiasm to drive them. This ensures that committed themselves to a niche that you are going to blog.

But also remember that only a fire can not fully meet all the needs of 
profitable nitch websites. Here are some questions you can cancel the process of mind. It will ensure that you can create enough material for a websites topic. Brainstorm these questions and make sure that you are satisfied with the answers.
  1. These niche market to stay for many years or is just a matter of time?
  2. Can produce  20 to 25 contents in this subject every month?
  3. You're obsessed on more than enough to write when you want the report of a niche?
  4. Do you stay update concerning all of the events in your niche?
  5. Do you have information about your niche ? 
2-Are there any viewers for niche? 
After the first half, the crowd began to research your niche. Make sure your site is an audience who are also obsessed with the your topic. Must be enthusiastic enough to buy the programs related the topic.

There is no need to develop a successful blog with tons of traffic that can't generate an good net income. As long as you have just started an blog as a hobby and is not interested in building revenue from your site. For example, if you web log about weight loss or dog training, we have an good chance that people will buy from you as soon as the faith is built between you and them. 

3-There Are Services Available In The Market Niche.
Look at the products on the market that you are able to sell to your readers for a subsidiary. Attend Clickbank or Commission Junction to find products and solutions related to your niche. Make sure there is a few related merchandise available for you, they also give you a decent affiliation fee on it.

If you meet above mentioned a few points, but can't find anything related to the niche, niche then it's an failure because such an goal are useless until they can get solutions to market to sell them. There's a focus on products based on it has blog, a blog about your pre-sell the item and there's absolutely no use to publish unique content for product recommendations.
4-The Details Of The Solutions Can Support.
What kind of products you are able to sell your niche market are crucial to decide the level in terms of niche. You need to know precisely what kind of products you need. Let us understand by example. If you use a blog on a niche web site in relation to weight loss weight loss by exercise. Then you need to be trying to find products that really help people to lose weight through exercise and not to promote the elements that encourage people to lose weight pills.
5-Start searching for keywords.
Observe and investigate all the words that your customers or potential users to find use in the control of knowledge. If you don't know the keywords you are able to not work with him in his campaign of SEO and almost complete loss of his job. If you are able to produce an list of all the terms you are able to use the visitor who seeks to search for data related to online money just to win, then you are able to drive traffic to your blog related to the money line.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Secret of making money on internet

So guys in this article i am going to tell you some things about secret of making money on internet. Not just adsense, adbrite, or clickser are the ways to earn money but there are many other ways to you can earn PTC sites are present here you can earn a lot from them but today i am going to tell you another thing. selling you own products on your site can give you a lot money but not just this way if i got 3000 thousand visitors on my website  so from adsense or any other program i will just earn about 15$ to 20$ but if i have posted an ad of a a television so i might earn 50$ to 60$ dollars so these kinds of many things are present and now we will discuses about jobs on internet there are many jobs present on internet for article writing for online training for being radio opprator and also not just selling products by you own but you can sell others product and can take commision, There is a best site for that  it is a best site for this work and it pays a lot to sell its products.

I myself got this insprision of writing this article from this video by darren rowse he is a great blog writer i must suggest you all to visit his site for improving you skill of blog writing this is the site of this man hope you all like this post.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

seo book

So friends in this post i am going to tell you about a secret and fantastic book so i had myself read this all book and i have thinked that you guys will like this book, because i made it a post and in this book you will now many new things about seo, and many new things about internet marketing. many things about keyword research. Sorry i forgot to give the name of writer on top the name of writer is dan sisson he is a good writer and its the best book of him.
He focused on many things related to the seo but in my persnol opinion he focused alot on keyword research because it is a man thing where we can get out alot of traffic from any search engine like google, bing, yahoo or anything eles if you want to read this book so click here to download it it contain 105 pages and you love to read this book.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top things google looks for

Here in this post you will now that how people get there website on the top ranking so there isn't any magic its a simple thing that you need to impress google so creating a quality content is also a way to impress google, but today i am going to tell you some thing new about this. Google is like a blind man just listening from others and it dosen't see you graphic that is this site have a good pictures or anything eles. google want to see those thing for which the website is built. keyword is a man thing that attract google like this if you got any idea and you want to write so in title you will give keyword. like i want to write a post on "health" so in title i will give health and when i came at the side of writing about it, so i have to use the word "health" some times in post this is the thing google looks. Writing too many posts is also a bad thing you can say because it can be a come into the spammy list of google.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

increase making backlinks

You can make backlinks by using a simple program called shoutmax backlinks are not very easy to build but if you try so you will be succeeful to make this so first of all make a account in shoutmax at its very simple and easy to be built and than after get the code of shoutmax and post it on your website or blog now if anyone will post any msg on it so you have to do what just open his site and post msg on that ones site who had posted a msg on your site. so i am hundred persent sure that it will be a good backlink but this will increase you traffic.
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