Monday, March 29, 2010


Making a yahoo id is very simple, You can get a yahoo account in a few minutes. So first of all go to and click on sign up botton on right side.

Now there will be a box on moniter screen, now start typing your information, your first name, last name, postal code, your new yahoo id and password secret questions and you will have to type the code shown in blow, type it and submit it. you have done it.........

Saturday, March 27, 2010


So friends, In this post Iam going to tell you that how to change the name of internet explorer. So first of all test it, Go to your internet explorer if you will open any web page like google, so on the top there will be written google- microsoft internet explorer look here you will see it.

So, now Iam going to tell you how can you change it, First go to RUN type REGEDIT and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and go to SOFTWARE and MICROSOFT and go to INTERNET EXPLORER and select MAIN, So now you will see many things, Go to box on your right side and click right on mouse NEW and STING VALUE now name it what you want, now you have done it. Enjoy this trick with friends.... enjoy enjoy enjoy


In this post i am going to show you that how to use google in many ways, so now watch this, Google can be used as a calculater like if you search on google that "2929+4949" so it will tell you the result and if you search on google about educational websites so that you have to search like this "information:edu" edu means educational sites means google automatically find educational sites for you, and if you want to search about government sites you have to write like this "tanders:gov" if you will write this thing so it will find government sites for you. If you want knowledge about currency so type on google "us dollar to canadian dollar or us dollar to pakistani rupees" it will tell you the currency rate. I hope that this information will be helpful for you.

Friday, March 26, 2010


In this post I will tell you about top 10 sites on the entire web.
NO: 1 GOOGLE.COM This website is for searching, user can search any thing on it.
NO: 2 FACEBOOK.COM This site is for making your communities and get new friends.
NO: 3 YOUTUBE.COM This site is for video search you can get every kind of video from it.
NO: 4 YAHOO.COM This is a site for getting mails, this site provides everything to its user.
NO: 5 LIVE.COM This site provides web search, videos, images, books, news etc....
NO: 6 WIKIPEDIA.ORG This is the website for getting information about any thing..
NO: 7 BLOGGER.COM This is the website for free web hosting you can get your blog free.
NO: 8 BAIDU.COM This is the site for music all kind of music is available on this site.
NO: 9 MSN.COM This site is about search and you can make new id from it.
NO:10 Qq.COM This is site about sports, modles, events and much more things..

In last, I want to tell you that there is a website which calculates the websites ranking and tell you that how much the website is earning and tell you all the information you want just go to .

Thursday, March 25, 2010


An (ip) address means in simple words you can say that the internet protocol means it is about your information that in which city you are from and in which country you blong and its also if any big hacker did some illegal work so through the help of software engineers police can trace the ip address and can know from which city this person blong and they will catch the hacker. So simply internet protocol (ip) address is this and also like your address.


First of all i want to explain what is blogger tamplates in a simple word you can say that the tamplates are the theme of your blog means simple themes are present but also i thing many persons wanted stylish blogger themes so here is a way iam telling you to get blogger tamplates.
First of all go to and search "blogger tamplates free download" and some sites provide the code of tamplates but some sites give a folder to download simply download the folder and run it in winrar and drag main file of tampaltes into the desktop or any other where and now go to your open you account and go to layout and third one edit html browse file which you draged from tamplate folder and after browsing it upload it and publishe it so you have done it now attrect people into your blog.....enjoy......


Its so easy that how to create a blog and many people are wanted to make there websites some people do not make there websites because of the hosts are talking about alot of money and some people do not make there sites because they don't know about web designing. But know iam going to solve you all the problems you can create you simple website and through the way of using its a free host and know need of any web designing course give a complete website and you just have to write your posts. Its simple but you can get a lot of fun from it. Now iam going to tell you how to make a free blog, Go to click on create a free blog if you are having google account than sign in directly if you do not have so click on create a blog and submit all the information for making google account after making google account you just have to name you blog and and chose any tamplete and you have done it.


You have watched every folder of computer and there you can see the option of rename, But the recycle bin is a folder which contains no rename option but now iam going to tell you how you can change name of recycle bin. First go to start menu run type "regedit" go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER than go to SOFTWARE after that go to MICROSOFT and than WINDOWS and go to SHELL NO ROAM and than MUICACH and now on right side find recycle bin and double click on it and there will appair a box of edit sting and rename recycle bin name it what you want and you have now done it enjoy it with friends.....


So dear friends here is a trick for you that how you can open many yahoo massenger in one
pc. First of all go to start menu and open run type "regedit" and hit enter and after
hitting enter you will see a box in this box find HIKEY_CURRENT_USER and after find it you
will have to open it by clicking on plus which is on left side of it when will you open it
will show many things find folder named software and now find yahoo after finding yahoo go
to pager and click on test and now go to right side it will look like this...

and you have to add another thing so so make a right click not on this default folder but on any other where and select new and dward value and name it plural and save it and after doing this you have to right click on the folder you have named plural and modify it and give value date of 1 and you have done it now you can use two yahoo massengers in one pc enjoy.........

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So here is information about microsoft windows history first windows was never released but it was made so the name of that windows was windows 1.0 beta and than after there was a windows called windows 1.0 which was released 20 november 1985 for that time it was a very good windows but its not and also not available it was a colorful windows. And than after 2 years windows 2.0 released at 1 november 1987 this windows was not having any big change but its look was like 1.0 and some little changes was present there. And windows 3.0 was released 22 may 1990 and if you see this windows toy will feel change because there was system of icon and you can click on icon means it was having a big change than others. Than after 2 years and windows was released named windows 3.1 its was released on 18 march 1992 it was totaly look like windows 3.0 some new things was added. And after on 27 july 1993 windows NT 3.1 was released it was having changes like all the item were on desktop.
microsoft bob released march 1995
Windows chicago never released
Windows 95 released 24 august 1995
Windows NT 4.0 released july 29 1996
Windows 98 released june 25 1998
Windows NT 5.0 never released
Windows 2000 released 17 february 2000
Windows me released 14 september 2000
Windows neptune never released
Windows whistler never released
Windows xp released october 25 2001
Windows server 2003 aprile 24 2003
Windows longhorn never released
Windows vista released january 30 2007
Windows server longhorn
Windows seven released

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Here is the trick you can use it this trick just work in windows crystal. First of all go to my computer and c drive windows system32 folder find oeminfo and open it with notepad and and change the information you want and and save it. Than go to my computer properties and click the botton of information you will see the changes.


HISTORY OF VIRUS Computer virus are a fake programme made by a boy trojan he was a boy who created computer virus, means in simple words you can say that trojan was father of computer viruses. But its very old story and now even a child know that how to make a virus so means any kind of computer is not saved from this attack. So now engineers made the anti programmes of all these thing and these programmes called antiviruse you can use antivirus for blocking these all fake programme and also now we have provided these kind of software which totaly block these all virues some good antivirus are here. These are the softwares i use

avast antivirus download link

kespersky antivirus download link

Saturday, March 20, 2010

how to rename start menu

So dear friends here is a trick that how can you rename start menu first of all you need a programme named resource hacker you can download here and after opning it go to c:/ drive and open windows and find file named explorer.exe and drag this folder to your recourse hacker and now there will be alot of folders and a folder named sting table open it go to 37 and 38 and first go to 37 and find in which line the start is written and on first line it will be written rename it what you want it will be look like this and after changing this you have change 38 and same way after these all l thing it will be complete and look great .
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